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Applications & Uses

for Manufacturers

Pure Ocean Packaged Food Applications

As the cleanest, purest sea salt on the market available in multiple grain sizes, Pure Ocean can be used in any application with confidence. As the marketplace becomes more health conscious, manufacturers are under pressure to source exceptional ingredients. Show consumers your commitment to healthier food manufacturing, and make the switch to better tasting Pure Ocean sea salt. With SaltWorks’ exclusive Optically Clean™ technology, you can include the highest quality sea salt in any recipe with confidence. Sea salt is also perceived as healthier in the marketplace, and allows for a cleaner, simplified label on food products to which consumers respond very positively. From soup manufacturers to frozen foods to salted snacks and spice blends, Pure Ocean is the cleanest and easiest sea salt to utilize. For better flavor and healthier products, Pure Ocean sea salt is the best choice.

Switching to Pure Ocean sea salt will provide:

  • Clean Labels: With a preference towards fewer ingredients, it is important to have the best components available.
  • Superior Flavor: Pure Ocean sea salt has a strong, pure flavor profile.
  • Largest Selection: Multiple grain sizes available for all applications, from extra fine powder to extra coarse.
  • All Natural / Organic Compliant: No additives. Simply solar dried ocean water.

Pure Ocean has also introduced a unique new grain size. Snack Sea Salt is specifically designed for better adherence in snack food manufacturing.  This all natural sea salt flows easily with no additives. Ideal for nuts, chips, crackers, or any salted snack. Pure Ocean is pure flavor, so make the switch today!

SaltWorks also boasts the largest selection of specialty gourmet salts available. We maintain an inventory of more than a million pounds of salt. Our strict commitment to quality ensures that our customers will receive only the highest quality, most natural products possible. All salts are available by the pound, ton or truckload.

for Food Service Industries

Pure Ocean in the Kitchen

With convenient packaging sizes and delicious flavor, Pure Ocean is the perfect all-around sea salt from kitchen to table. From catering to restaurants to bakeries, the members of the food service industry demand convenience, special sizing, and the very best in quality of all of their food ingredients. Pure Ocean sea salt provides all three with ease. Offering economical pricing, all-natural delicious flavor, and convenient packaging options, Pure Ocean is the best sea salt to fit your food service needs.

Every chef knows that it takes high-quality ingredients to create an exceptional dish. Salt is the final ingredient added to a meal, and the first thing you taste. Pure Ocean sea salt adds more flavor, and also offers more health benefits than traditional table salt. Gourmet, high-quality food demands gourmet, high-quality sea salt.

Pure Ocean Sea Salt is the perfect all-around sea salt for every application. Economical enough to use everyday for cooking, baking and on the table, Pure Ocean is sustainably sourced from the clean, deep waters off the coast of Australia. Optically Clean™, Pure Ocean is sparkling, pure sea salt flavor.

Available in the perfect packaging sizes for the food service industry. From 21 oz. jars to 4 lb. bags with a convenient pour spout, Pure Ocean offers a packaging option and grain size to fit any need.

for Wholesalers

Pure Ocean Packaging

A shelf staple, Pure Ocean is packaged in beautiful, eye-catching clear jars. See the quality, taste the difference. Sea salt is one of the fastest growing market segments of the gourmet food industry. The varying textures, colors and origins of the many salts are a driving force behind the remarkable public response from chefs, retailers and food enthusiasts alike. Pure Ocean sea salt is an all natural way to explore the hidden flavors in food, bringing each dish to a whole new level. Your customers are realizing an important point: Salt is the last thing that you put on your meal, but the first thing that you taste, so why finish your meal with anything of less quality than the food you prepared?

It is becoming standard for grocery stores to carry 6-10 varieties of salt. Salt is being showcased in the spice aisle as well as Deli, Cheese, Produce and Meat/Seafood departments. Consumers are actively looking for and requesting these gourmet sea salts. An absolute must, Pure Ocean is the perfect, economical sea salt for your shelves. Packaged in beautiful, clear 21 oz. jars showcasing the clean, white sea salt inside, it is eye-catching and extremely saleable. The ideal replacement for refined table salt in a marketplace shifting towards the all natural, Pure Ocean is a must-have for every spice aisle.

Pure Ocean is available in two wonderful packaging options for your shelves. Clear 21 oz. jars are the perfect size for countertop placement, and fit perfectly in a spice aisle. Also available in a 4 lb. pouch with pour spout, ideal for the avid cook and baker, this option is a great addition to your bulk flour, sugar and salt selection.