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  • What is the Pure Ocean difference?

    Clean, pure, and free from chemical additives, Pure Ocean is specifically sourced to be the best sea salt on the market. With its range of grain sizes and clean flavor, Pure Ocean is a fundamental sea salt for any purpose or project. For an in-depth look at the benefits and reasons to make the switch, read more about the Pure Ocean difference.

  • What are the packaging options for Pure Ocean?

    Pure Ocean is available in two retail packaging options: a 21 oz. plastic shaker jar and a 4 lb. pour-spout pouch. In bulk, Pure Ocean is packaged in bags of 5 lbs., 25 lbs. or 55 lbs., as well as by the pallet. Also available are 2200 lb. SuperBags, up to container loads (44,000 lbs). Pure Ocean can also be packaged as part of a Private Label program.

  • Where can I purchase Pure Ocean?

    Pure Ocean is sold in grocery stores and gourmet markets nationwide in retail containers. For your convenience, we also offer this product through SaltWorks (purchase Pure Ocean All Natural Sea Salt). In bulk, Pure Ocean can also be purchased online (bulk Pure Ocean salt) or by phone at (800) 353-7258. We would love to help you with any size order, and have a wealth of knowledge to share concerning what options might work best for your specific application.

  • What volume can you supply?

    The volume of Pure Ocean we can supply is virtually limitless. We warehouse hundreds of thousands of pounds in our facility at all times, and can also drop ship to anywhere in the world. We are well equipped to handle any size project—no job is too large!

  • What is the lead time for Pure Ocean?

    Due to the vast amount of Pure Ocean stocked in our warehouse, we can fill the large majority of our orders in a short amount of time. For most orders, 24-48 hours is the typical turnaround time at our warehouse. For custom projects, we will work with you to achieve the quickest lead time possible.

  • Can I buy in bulk and repackage?

    Yes, repackaging is not a problem and is a great economical option. Pure Ocean (and all sea salt) can be packed in a variety of materials, but we do suggest keeping it separate from direct contact with metal (as salt rusts metal), and suggest using airtight containers. Since Pure Ocean does not include any anti-caking agents or artificial additives, it can also be useful to include oxygen absorbers and silica packs with the salts in certain packaging and environments.