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The Pure Ocean Difference

Why Choose Sea Salt Over Refined Table Salt?

Sea salt is one of the fastest growing market segments in the gourmet food industry, mainly due to a developing appreciation for more essential, wholesome foods. All natural sea salt contains its original trace minerals, which are said to benefit the body and aid in the processing of sodium. These minerals, which have been stripped out of traditional "table salt,", help regulate your bodily functions and provide valuable nutrients that we don't normally get from our diets. In addition, unrefined sea salt has a strong, pure flavor profile that produces a higher quality taste. Make the switch for a better tasting, all natural alternative to refined salt.

Why Choose Pure Ocean?

All Natural

Pure Ocean® is truly an all natural, unrefined sea salt, containing zero anti-caking agents or additives such as Aluminum, commonly used as an anti-caking agent in commercially sold salts.

Organic Compliant

Unfortunately, as of yet there still is no organic certification for salt in the United States. The USDA classifies salt as only a mineral, not a living thing with carbon compounds and the like. While we here in the U.S. do not have this official recognition for our salts, all of SaltWorks’ salts are all natural. This complies with organic standards, as such they can be deemed “organic compliant.” In other words, they are able to be used as an ingredient in organic products without affecting the end product’s organic status, as they contain no anti-caking agents or other additives. This is the highest and most natural guarantee possible for salts in the United States.

Kosher Certified

Orthodox Union Seal

SaltWorks partners with the Orthodox Union (OU) to certify Pure Ocean sea salt as Kosher. The OU is known as one of the most prestigious and widely-recognized Kosher certification agencies, and is trusted for their commitment to both quality and excellence. Pure Ocean meets the guidelines of Kosher certification as outlined by Jewish law, ensuring that Pure Ocean is produced and handled in accordance with rigorous standards and is suitable for consumption by those following a Kosher diet.

(Download the Pure Ocean Kosher Certification PDF)

Optically Clean® Technology

Optically Clean Logo

Utilizing the most cutting edge technology in the industry, we use optical color sorters to clean Pure Ocean without washing away minerals or damaging the integrity of the salt crystals. Our optical cleaning method employs cameras to capture each grain of salt in real time. It then instantaneously reviews the salt crystals to ensure that each and every one meets our strict quality guidelines. This technology is so advanced it can detect foreign particles smaller than a grain of sand and identify color variations to remove discolored particles. If the salt grain is rejected, an air jet blasts that specific grain of salt, removing it from the rest of the sea salt without harming the premium salt grains in any way. The perfect grains of salt are left untouched. This process is all-natural and chemical-free, and results in a beautiful white sea salt that is easily repackaged into clear containers, mixed for spice blends, or added to any recipe with confidence. SaltWorks is the only company with this exclusive Optically Clean technology.

Superior Flavor

Pure Ocean is quite possibly the best tasting sea salt in the world! Completely unrefined, the natural minerals add subtle nuances of flavor that make this sea salt superior. Sea salt adds more flavor, and offers more health benefits than traditional table salt. Gourmet, high-quality food demands gourmet, high-quality sea salt.

Clean Labeling

Show consumers your commitment to healthier ingredients and make the switch to additive-free, better tasting Pure Ocean sea salt. With SaltWorks’ exclusive Optically Clean technology, you can include the highest quality sea salt in any recipe with confidence. Proudly display all natural sea salt on the front of your packaging, no more hiding refined salt on the back.

Custom Sizing

Whatever your project needs, SaltWorks offers full customization capacity. With full sifting capabilities, Pure Ocean can be specifically sized to meet your exact specifications and needs. De-dusting, Optically Clean technology and custom sizing will all be utilized to ensure the perfect result for any application.


Making the switch to Pure Ocean sea salt is a simple and cost-effective way to make a huge impact. With the push towards all natural products made with sea salt, Pure Ocean is an economical way to boost the salability and desirability of your products. Better taste, cleaner labels, and all natural flavor!

How Pure Ocean is Produced

Simply evaporated ocean water, Pure Ocean is pure flavor with none of the additives. Harvested from the deepest waters off the cost of Australia, Pure Ocean sea salt is specifically sourced to be the cleanest, most purely delicious sea salt available. Deep currents carry the ocean water from Antarctica, where the salt water is deep and clean (referred to as “age zero"), up to the northern edge of our world, heating it along the way and “aging” the water. As it turns back south, the currents pull it deeper, cooling and purifying the sea water. Then, directly off the beautiful coast of Australia, where the sea water is again at its pristine “age zero” stage, Pure Ocean is harvested, resulting in pure, unadulterated natural flavor.

Pure Ocean Sea Salt is produced by the natural evaporation process of sea water. Salt water is first captured in shallow ponds and allowed to evaporate by means of the sun and wind. Typically needing one to five years to produce, the salt crystal "crop" is then harvested from the salt beds that form at the bottom of the ponds. The wind-evaporated and sun-purified salt is then washed, screened and packaged.

In natural sea salt production, environmental conditions directly influence salt quality through the quality of its main raw material:sea water. The water used to make Pure Ocean sea salt is collected from a mangrove area, a unique ecosystem that removes undesired elements from the water. This natural filtration process is carried by indigenous plants and shellfish, and makes the Pure Ocean sea salt especially clean.

Visualize crisp blue waters, warm sun and gentle winds that all work in perfect harmony to bring you the best in all natural sea salts. Find clean, purely delicious taste from Pure Ocean.

Production Innovations for Superior Quality

Size Screening

Pure Ocean is run through vibratory screeners to divide the salt grains with highly accurate precision, holding the strictest standards for grain size tolerances in the industry. Our vibratory screeners also remove salt powder that occurs during shipment and processing making our salt less susceptible to clumping and a superior quality sea salt.

Metal Detecting

At every point of contact, we utilize rare earth magnets to detect and discard any found metal in the salt. Our advanced technology removes even the smallest metallic particles, leaving the most pure, natural salt available. Pure Ocean is run past these magnets several times before packaging, ensuring that only the highest quality premium sea salt is shipped to our customers.